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Branding Work

For clients needing corporate branding or a renovated brand, JayBee delivers a final product resulting from both conceptual strategies and detailed executions. See our latest projects and learn the methodology involved. 

Fuller cosmetics

Mexico-based Fuller Cosmetics wanted a fresh, comprehensive renovation of its 50-year-old brand. In conjunction with a team of creative professionals*, JayBee created two conceptual routes that were tested to determine the preferred route: Celebrate Mexico. Based on this route, the team developed and executed a large-scale brand renovation for  the Fuller Cosmetics brand, its best-selling collections and products and all consumer-facing collateral.

Conceptual Testing

Two routes were developed and tested in local markets before renovation was initiated. "Celebrate Mexico" was chosen.

-Celebrate Mexico-

-Full of Life-

product guides

Flip-through product guides were created for each brand, showcasing positioning, creative work, packaging and product benefit.

-Fuller Brand-

-del Baúl de la Abuela-

-Royal Jelly-

-Natural Forte-

Conceptual work

Initial phase of brand evolution. 

-Brand Development-

-1 Brand + 1 Brochure-

-3 Brands + 3 Brochures-

Brochures (spanish only)

Twice-monthly consumer-facing catalogs. The following are those created during brand launch, a collaborative effort of the renovation team and the internal creative department.

Campaign 11: Launch

Campaign 12: Royal Jelly

Campaign 13: Natural Forte

Campaign 14: Christmas

launch Posters

Designed for sales and training:

-Fuller Brand-

-del Baúl de la Abuela-

-Royal Jelly-

-Natural Forte-

singlE or Developing

The following concepts are for one product or collection. (Note the Feliz & Bueno concepts are not yet finalized or approved.)

-Family Care Routes-

-Rouge No. 2 Concept-

-Rouge No. 2 Brochure-


*For more information on renovation team, contact us. (Link to project's Creative Director)


Worked on internal creative team during brand renovation. Collaborated with external renovation team on product/seasonal concepts and rebranded collateral.

Conceptual work

Applied new branding guidelines to collections, products and brochure. 

-Christmas Bath & Body Collection-

-Silver & Gold Shade Statement-

-Shade Selector Tool Concept-



Used new branding guidelines to execute materials.



-Ad Slick-